Peter John Joseph Photography and Media is now EyeIlluminate Media! An all in one solution to handle all of your media based needs. Whether it be Video, Photography, or Advertising, EyeIlluminate Media has the skills and creativity for the project!

EyeIlluminate Media is run by Peter John Joseph, a Boston based artist who specializes in Videography, Video Editing, Photography, and Media Design With more than eight years as a freelance photographer, the last year has seen him transition back into his original passion of video, while continuing to work as a photographer. 
A creative problem solver who is able to utilize a vast skill set that also includes years of graphic design and web development work, Peter's experience allows him to create cross platform media to suit any situation and bring a unique. educated eye to any project. 

"I have a love for creating the unique and surreal, and want any project to be far from ordinary. It's easy in this business to fall in line with the typical, easy way of doing things, but I want to break free of that mold and help you create videos and images that stick out from the rest. Whether that be from creative theme, lighting, or look, I want to make every client's project special."

Now operating as EyeIlluminate Media, Peter has brought together a team to help on projects and better serve our clients. With the ability to utilize multiple shooters, editors, and designers, we now have the ability to expand our reach, and take our brand to the next level.
 I hope to hear from you next, so we can start to create something that will last a lifetime!
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